The Life Data Safe Personal Medical Assistant is a system comprising of the Life Data Safe software embedded onto a USB flash device. Your medical information is then entered into the application, making it a small medical records filing system that can be transported easily on your person.

  This can be used by Emergency Medical personnel whenever you are incapable of verbally giving the needed information. Especially comforting when you, or a loved one, is away from home.

  Medical History such as Illnesses, Medications, Allergies, Insurance, Personal Contacts, and Medical Documents such as X-Rays or  Doctors' statements.

  Sensitive information can be protected by 256 bit Blowfish encrypted  pass words to keep prying eyes out of your private information.

 Other features include an Emergency Instruction list that can be pass worded for a trusted family member. A Personal Calendar to schedule  Doctor appointments or other important dates, and a Notes section.  Set your System Time to the Atomic Clock. An Embedded Web Browser, Email client, and more.